Models Direct Review How To Get The Perfect Summer Party Look

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Warmer nights, BBQs, picnics, cocktail parties, garden parties, festivals and socialising are the keys to a great summer, so check out our Models Direct reviews and tips to make sure you look your best.


1. Prepare ahead of time. If you are intending to try something new for a cocktail party or festival we would recommend a trial run prior to the event on a quiet night in, just to check that chosen colours work with your skin tone, hairstyles stay put, and to generally give you a little practice with your overall look. Why not invite a friend over for a ‘party/festival dress rehearsal’? You can have great fun together and avoid a last minute panic on what to wear or what to pack!

As seen at: Donna Karan S/S 13

As seen at: Donna Karan S/S 13

2. Kick up the makeup a notch. If you thought come look at me metallic molten eyes were just for the party season then think again… this summer it’s all about silky silver shadows, full length false lashes, coloured mascaras and bright, block colours. If big eyes are not your thing why not go for some colour popping neon lips instead – no eye makeup required! Pink is the big colour trend for your face this summer – think hot pink lips, blushing peony cheeks to fuchsia eyeshadow. Have some fun with your makeup by trying something new, but don’t go too far and end up looking like a drag queen – unless that is the look you’re going for of course!

Fashion-forward cropped fringe - As seen at: Miu Miu S/S 2013

Fashion-forward cropped fringe – As seen at: Miu Miu S/S 2013

3. Summer hair. Your hair can really add to your image so make the most of it with plaits, quiffs or a fabulous up-do. Pick up some of the pretty accessories that are around, they can provide an easy way to brighten up your hairstyle. Hair trends this summer include the wet look, super-straight (dig out those hair straightners), retro glamour (think big curls and good blow-dries), low-slung buns and low ponies. Ask a hair stylist for ideas when you go for your next cut or colour and try something new. If you’re feeling brave enough, why not try a fashion-forward cropped fringe? But beware… to carry this off you’ll need strong features and hair that’s well-behaved, and remember it may take a while to grow out!

4. Now that the nights are warmer there is no excuse not to show off your pins in some pretty wedges. They are more stable and comfortable than a heel which can be great for festivals and all day parties so you can still have the height but none of the pain. Other popular contenders for this summer include strappy sandals, pumps and ballet slippers. When choosing colours think metallics, prints and bright colours!

Monochrome black and white - Moshino

Monochrome black and white – Moshino

5. Dresses and playsuits. Both of these are great to wear to BBQs in the day with flats or sandals and can then be transformed into elegant evening summer wear by simply adding heels or wedges and a cute clutch. Bold graphic prints, oriental styling, monochrome, faux flower florals and statement stripes are all set to be hot trends this summer. Why not give one of them a try or even mix them together to create your own sizzling summer look!

Models Direct Review Why Levi Have Said No To Toxic Fashion

Our employees here at Models Direct really care about the environment and support brands, companies, agencies and models that act ethically and responsibly. We were therefore pleased to hear from Greenpeace that the world’s largest denim brand, Levi’s, have made a commitment to eliminate releases of all hazardous chemicals throughout its supply chains and products.

Levi’s is the eleventh brand to make this decision since Greenpeace launched its Detox campaign in 2011. Greenpeace’s Detox campaign demands fashion brands commit to zero discharge of all hazardous chemicals by 2020 and requires their suppliers to discloses all releases of toxic chemicals from their facilities to communities at the site of the water pollution.

“Now more than ever, we are seeing brands such as Levi’s listen to the groundswell of support for toxic-free fashion. It’s about time other brands such as Calvin Klein, Gap and Victoria’s Secret finally cotton on and end their toxic addiction. We’ll continue to expose brands until the use – and abuse – of hazardous substances is totally eliminated,” said Marietta Harjono, Toxics Campaigner at Greenpeace International.

Models Direct are delighted that Levi’s have made this decision, however were they just bowing down to global people power? Their commitment comes just eight days after Greenpeace launched its report “Toxic Threads: Under Wraps” in Mexico City on 5th December. Since then, over 210,000 people joined the campaign calling on Levi’s to Detox, with tens of thousands taking action on Facebook and Twitter, and over 700 people protesting and placing street outside Levi’s shop fronts in over 80 cities worldwide.

We hope they stick by their commitment and keep their promises to eliminate all PFCs by the end of 2015, and lead on the adoption of PFC-free alternatives and non-hazardous chemicals by 2015.

Models Direct explains the wonders of Manuka honey

Honey might seem like an unlikely beauty product, but this natural product has been tried and tested by the staff at Models Direct, with incredible results. Here, Models Direct provides you with a quick guide to the benefits of honey and directions on how to use it. As with any new product, the agency recommends you do a small patch test so as to ensure that your skin is not sensitive to honey.

Models Direct

For a healing and rejuvenating manuka honey face mask, you will need a tub of manuka honey that has a UMF of at least 15+. This can be purchased at most health food shops; whilst it’s quite expensive, at about £20 for 500g, one tub will have enough honey for 20 or more facemasks. You can use this honey for softening and exfoliating the skin on your face, as well as for healing small wounds, acne and blemishes. As honey is quite a sticky, messy product to use, it’s best applied in the bath. Use just a thin layer on the face and neck, making sure to avoid the eye area. If you accidentally get it into your eyes, Models Direct recommends rinsing with warm water. Leave the manuka honey on your skin for about twenty minutes, and rinse thoroughly with water. Afterwards, your skin will be glowing and incredibly soft.

Why manuka honey, you might wonder? Well, this type of honey contains a natural component which is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral. This component is called UMF; it’s stable and unlike many other substances, will not lose its potency or effectiveness when exposed to light or heat, or when diluted. Manuka honey also tastes delicious and is good to spread on your toast, or put into your tea as a way to ward off viruses such as colds. It also has fantastic healing properties, according to Models Direct, and can be used on cuts and grazes on the skin of your body as well as you face. This is due to the high sugar content of manuka – bacteria cannot survive in high-sugar environments.